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Your Honeymoon...

The perfect end to an already incredible day - you've gone through all the planning (everything from colors to what type of cutlery!), the emotional ups and downs of vendors and venues, and the big day its self where you finally marry your best friend. Regardless of how simple or extravagant your wedding is, by the end you need a little bit of R&R to recover from the event, and celebrate being with your partner. Hence the creation of 'The Honeymoon'…

Honeymoons are as different from couple to couple as the couples are. Some like to travel to exotic destinations to experience something new together, others are looking for a cold fruity drink on a beach, some have dreamt of cruising around Europe, and some look for a combination of all the above. With all the amazing places to go, it can be just as daunting of a challenge as planning your actual wedding!

That is where Greaves comes in. For over 30 years we've been designing special trips for our clients. We listen to what YOU want, what your budget is, and do all the ground work for you to find you your dream honeymoon. It starts with a consultation with you about your traveling preferences, budget, and when you are looking to travel. We will compile a list of potential destinations that match your interests and get back to you with your options!

Sample Itineraries:

  • Indulge in the Romance of Fiji 
  • Spend 12 Exciting nights in Bali 
  • Enjoy a cruise around the Mediterranean 
  • Spend 4 nights in the Romance Capital of the world, Paris 
  • Experience the luxury of India 
  • Dive into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean

Experience the Ultimate Rest and Relaxation of Fiji

Honeymoon in Costa Rica


Yoga & Elephants in Thailand 

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Remember, these are just a sampling of possabilities. Contact us and we will help you plan your dream honeymoon, regardless of destination and budget!

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