Evie Lemos

Highland Park, IL

Europe Specialist

Having lived, married, learnt the language (just about) and traveled in Greece for many years it really is my home from home. My mother-in-law would even say that I am an honorary Greek, and I am definitely not going to argue with her! During the three years I lived in Athens I can easily say that I have seen considerably more of Greece than my homeland of England.

Greece’s profound history is woven into the fabric of everyday life. In Athens you are unable to turn a corner without feeling like you have stepped back in time thousands of years, with the inspiring Acropolis at its heart. Athens is most certainly more than a stop over before reaching your final destination.

Greece has everything a traveler could dream of, sun-bleached ruins, some of the world most important classical antiquities, mouthwatering food, a wealth culture, breathless landscapes, award winning beaches and even skiing.

Over 3000 islands make up Greece, each with its own unique personality. The diversity of islands is endless: Spetses which has a no car policy only horse drawn carriages, Santorini; overlooking a dormant volcano, is one of the most romantic, breathtaking places on the planet or Mykonos for those who care more about partying then Plato.

My favourite island has to be Kefalonia, I have been fortunate enough to have seen a fair share of beaches in my time but nothing compares to Antisamos, surrounded by rolling green hills with the deepest blue waters as the earth plummets away beneath you. Not forgetting all you Captain Corelli enthusiasts, there is always Myrtos beach famous for its stunning turquoise waters, making it one of the most dramatic locations on the island.

The islands are only a small part of what Greece has to offer. The main land offers a myriad or reasons to visit. There are snowed covered mountains, forests, waterfalls, all dripping with history. Meteora is one of the most spectacular creations where monasteries are perched precariously on top of spindly towers of rock, and food is transported by baskets to the monks by miles of rope. In Delphi, where the ancients would consult the Oracle, you too can walk in the footsteps of Alexander The Great and Emperors of Rome when pondering upon the aphorism 'gnothi seauton', 'know thyself'.

The place that holds my heart the most is the scenic sea port town of Nafplio situated in the north east Peloponnese. Not far is the vast Epidavras amphitheater, known for its acoustics where it is said at any seat in the theater one can easily hear the sound of pin drop or in my case the words 'will you marry me', good thing there wasn't bus loads of tourists on that day.

Despite Greece’s recent difficulties over the past few years it has never ceased to be one of the most popular holiday destinations, nor has it ever failed to provide all that is expected of this unique and beautiful country.

Having grown up in the UK, I have always been a keen traveller and taken full advantage of Europe being my back garden, visiting France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, and Swizerland to name a few.

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